1. First thing to expect when I come home tonight.

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  2. saythankyoumaster:

    We’re going to skip the Netflix and popcorn tonight. You will be my feature presentation.

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  3. saythankyoumaster:

    Have you ever been babysitting and ended up blowing your boyfriend while the baby was asleep? What if you got cock?

  4. When I pull out of you tonight.

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  5. So I caught her like this tonight….

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  6. Suck me dry like a good little sex slave. :)

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  7. Princess, getting fucked on her parents’ bed as she creams the sheets.

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  8. Good kitties.

  9. Who’s a dirty little school slut?

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  10. Before you go to sleep.

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  11. I’m done with you now.

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  12. 2 is better than 1.

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  13. saythankyoumaster:

    Some like other things more than yogurt.

  14. I want you, blondie.

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  15. Why do you resist?

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