1. Restrictions give you freedom.

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  2. You are all mine.

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  3. Have a taste.

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  4. Yummmmmm.

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  5. Your nipples are hard. Just how I like them.

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  6. I want you.

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  7. No pleasure without pain.

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  8. How I will take you tonight after the dinner party.

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  9. Watch yourself be used.

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  10. Do you feel wanted?

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  11. Perfect.

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  12. What she needs is for a man with an actual dick to throw her against a barn door, lift her skirt, and shove his cock into her and make her scream her bitchy controlling ass off until she realizes where she belongs.

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    My secretary is a good little conservative slut. She always has her shirt buttoned to the top. Long skirt and hair held back is her standard attire. But when I call her into the office at 5 pm, she knows exactly what I want. Lock the door and get on your knees.

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    Look at me as you ride me. I want you to look into my eyes as you cum again.

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    Time to use her.