1. Curly or straight?

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  2. Oyyyyy. The way you get my cock rock hard like that just so that you can blow the fuck out of it.

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  3. Good slut.

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  4. Hold it tight there!

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  5. Time for your inspection.

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  6. Which slut are you? Ass or cock? Blonde or brunette?

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  7. Give her a good hard pounding. Let her feel it deep in her.

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  8. She’s well trained.

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  9. Bah bah.

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  10. Your turn will come.

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  11. Show me how hard you want my cock!

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  12. Tay likes to have a taste.

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  13. Who’s your boss? Say itttttt!

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  14. You’ve been disobedient for the last time!

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  15. Backstage at the LA County Fair.

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