1. Make her feel useful. She loves that.

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  2. Feel me fuck your being.

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  3. Give her a good deep fucking.

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    I’m going to shove every last inch of my fat cock deep in you from the back!

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  5. An afternoon well spent.

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  6. Afternoon fun.

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    Pounding Alice into Ron’s cock.

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    Dig in whore.  Deeper!  Choke on it!

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    Bend over and get that leg up, Jordy.  I’m hungry!

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    I’m home.  I’m hungry.  I’m going to take you.

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    Wait right there, Mila.

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    Your puny body is mine to use.

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    All this whore is missing is a slap to the face as she’s cumming and screaming.

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    Offer your holes to Me.

  15. Rise and shine.

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